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Hello my name is Jemma Brooks and I am a specialist in
Semi-Permanent make up (SPMU) treatments. Ever since getting
SPMU treatments for my own eyebrows, it would be fair to say that
I am a little bit obsessed with make up and enhancing natural beauty.


After many years of using pencil and spending hours trying to get

eyebrows to match I decided enough was enough and invested in
SPMU. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done as they have
changed my face dramatically and saved me hours of time and stress!
Also, I no longer worry about them smudging during the day.


I’d say it has taken around five treatments for me to get the look I wanted
as I had to build up the colour and thickness, as originally I wasn’t aware
of what shape/colour would suit me. Through that I am now in a strong
position to advise others on shapes and colours that suit their face.


It is my goal to help others experience the benefits that I have
through Semi-Permanent make up.


If you would like any further information regarding Semi-Permanent
make up treatments with please contact us:

07903 336744 or email


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