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What is Semi-Permanent makeup (SPMU)?


What is SPMU? Simply put, it is cosmetic tattooing.

The treatment usually takes 1 to 1 & ½  hours, where a highly qualified technician deposits pigmentation beneath the surface of your skin on the dermis layer. In medical terms the exact same process is referred to as
Micro-pigmentation. Micro-pigmentation is the term used for applying coloured pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.


It is extremely safe as all pigments are made of natural minerals that are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic and hypo allergic properties.


With the advanced techniques of SMPU we can correct, add, lift, enhance and construct your desired look in around an hour..


Why have SPMU?


We all want to look our best and save time. SPMU applied to eyebrows, eyeliner, lips or all three will certainly save you the time consuming daily routine associated with applying your make up. Some of us also struggle
with precision and accuracy, SPMU ensures that you have perfectly polished make up all day long. In addition to this, during your day to day activities
you may find that your make up runs or smudges but won’t with SPMU.


How long does it last?


Although pigment molecules stay in the skin indefinitely, the colour remains visible for several years but will gradually fade. This is variable depending upon the client’s age, skin type, colour choice and lifestyle. Typically a client should see the shape/colour last for around 12-18 months.


Is the procedure painful?


Every client is different but with advanced new equipment and techniques, discomfort is minimal.


Do I have a choice on placement and colour?


Absolutely! The client is in control every step of the way from desired
shape to colour selection.


How long does the procedure take?


You should allow a minimum of 1 and ½ hours for the first treatment.


What happens after the procedure?


Immediately post procedure the area treated may appear swollen and the colour will appear darker and more intense. How long this lasts varies from client to client but typically the healing process takes 10-14 days. Complete healing can take up to six weeks for the pigment to mature in the skin
and the true colour to emerge.

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